Sunday, October 18, 2009

Tripping trajectories

And yes, time sure does fly - over a year now, and blog's been a bit of a sahara.

It's always refreshing, interacting with people in different settings.

On my recent trip to Turkey, I remembered how fleeting moments with people can trip your trajectories... becoming permanent fixtures in your memory, as they alter your course in life. Whether it's the Ozzie-architect-turned-anthropologist in Kathmandu, Nepal, or the motherly Israeli lady with the radiating zest for life during a balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Friday, May 16, 2008

No therapy required

Hmm - just realised I've not clocked in for over 6 months since October 2007.
No therapy required;-)
For the past 6 months it's been about tennis, entrepreneurial expansions, tennis, weak knees, charting new waters & tennis.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Of storms & mola molas

Why do people fuss & fret over the smallest things,
while others struggle to survive, without complaints.
It is after all, relative, they say.

Clouded in expectations,
The mind ticks & tricks,

And with vision impaired,
Magnifies & dramatizes.

Till tiny drops of rain,
Transform into unyielding & unshielding storms.

But storms do pass,

Revealing, if one bothers to take notice,
The fresh & inviting scent of renewed vigour.

Clarifying the tainted thoughts of muddled memories.

To focus on what's real & what's important.

In the pursuit of the elusive mola mola,
we sometimes forget to appreciate the equally rare twisters that we come across during our journey.
As they too are magnificent.

Of thumps & trumps

Thumping terrestrials speak of inquisitive ponderings
As intoxicating cocktails shield the identity of the wounded
While lurking emotions are constantly reminded
Of everyday gestures, animate or inanimate.

In the surly hours of the midnight gestures
Hypnotic swells of transient pleasures
Only to ascertain the constitution
Of hapless wanderings and amusing actions
So meaningless, you'd crack up.

A necessary journey nevertheless
To wake from the impending insecurities
And to aid in the realisation
Of space, time and clarity of choice.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Recent ramblings

18 October 2007
- After a VERY long walk traversing the streets of Bangsar, in contemplation

casting the net of contemporary awe
condescends the curiosity of unbridled charisma
as sweeping masks of blends of beauty
shore the figurative fractions of phantom shadows

reflections of phases of random
and yet
riveting personalities
buzz the twilight of telling remedies
savouring the sweet and sour palates of contemplation
lies comatose does the human spirit

waves of wonder drive
and twirl the whimsical fancies of flight
frolicking in a spiral descent
to the wilderness of wicked and painful presence

walking to the bleeding swell
of memories that wash and cleanse and commemorate
the soul soon finds the smallest interactions
blurred by the chaos
but open to the simplicity of human contact

dust ends deliverance dreams
delicate matter strums discovery
stroking the soul
of random yet
real ramblings

20 October 2007

Callisthenic connections drown the spirit
Lonesome ponderings of fickle floundering
Spring jarring & temporal tempers
Into the void the sun sets.
Into the void the sun retreats.

21 October 2007
- Inspired by a wonderful person

Strumming the attire of a magnanimous heart
Beating profusely to the downtrodden dilemmas
Simple yet hopeful the sacrificial ingenuity
Of the hands that hold, bind & free
Thank God for the humanity


When I first heard about blogging many years back, I ignored it as it sounded like a strange and strenuous sport. I do like sport - but this one sounded rather environmentally irresponsible.

Yes, of course I realised what blogging was shortly after, but for the longest time, was wondering why people do it? Moreover, being a productivity-buff, it came across as a time-waster (it was of course way more productive playing with my PS - then).

A couple of years ago, I started changing my perception of blogging - when people I personally knew actually had their blogs read and talked about - even moreso, than some bestsellers out in the market. I must say some of em were rather amusing.

But starting a blog still sounded way too tedious.

2 months back, Facebook became a part of my lifestyle - and yes, like 99% of folks on facebook, soon developed the addiction of being a passive voyeur. And about a week back, started rambling random thoughts on facebook, and found it surprisingly therapeutic.

Hence the start of this blog, inspired by some of the bloggers in the big league that I've come to know. e.g.
Kevin Yeoh (who I'm currently on MSN with getting his advice on how to create links).

After all, it's therapeutic having the fingers do the thinking.